Professional Services

Our team of industry professionals will support your business in an easy to understand and inclusive way.

Compliance Consultancy CRM and Marketing Consultancy BI and Data Consultancy

BI and Data Consultancy

Insights and data for your business

Our team recognises the importance of understanding business performance, marketing impact, and customer behaviour, and to then be able to act upon it. We have a wide range of services to support you to get the data and insights you need, including a reporting suite, bespoke analytics, customer segmentation and modelling, bonus efficiency insights and database development.

Our BI and Data services have been built from year of experiences with leading iGaming operators and we leverage our knowledge to support your business’ insight and data requirements.

Business Reporting

We have a standard suite of reports covering numerous topics such as Operations, Product, Marketing, CRM, Compliance and RG. We also built bespoke dashboards tailored to your business needs within a variety of reporting tools.

Bespoke Analytics

Our team of analysts can support with bespoke analytics projects covering various elements of marketing and operations, including customer churn, promotions and offer impact, and acquisition. We provide insights and recommendations to support your business decisions.

Segmentation, Modelling and Attribution

We can audit your existing segmentation and modelling, provide strategy recommendations, and support design, development, and integration to enhance your segmentation and modelling capabilities. We can also help you understand the impact and revenue driven from your marketing activity using our marketing attribution models.

Bonus Efficiency

We analyse and create bonus efficiency segmentation, provide deep-dive analysis into suspected bonus abuse as well as provide reporting on bonus performance at a customer and bonus level to optimise your bonus spend.

Database Development

We support the design, development, and enhancement of your database. We integrate new data feeds, optimise performance, and can create customer behavioural touchpoints to feed into your marketing and business systems.

Segmentation, modelling and Attribution


We can perform a business review of your current segmentation and modelling, and understand your future business objectives to provide recommendations around how to improve the effectiveness in this area.

Segmentation Framework and Strategy

We aim to build on existing data to expand and improve your segmentation across the business and we can recommend a new segmentation framework and strategy to support your business objectives.

Segmentation and Model Development

We can design and develop of a wide range of segmentations and predictive models to provide enhanced targeting capabilities to your team and integrate with all required areas of the business.

Marketing Attribution

We can implement an attribution model to provide a more reliable view of campaign performance across the business by providing insights on the impact and incremental effects of CRM and Marketing on customer behaviour.

Bonus Efficiency

Bonus Efficiency Segmentation

We analyse and create bonus efficiency segmentation to understand each customer’s individual bonus efficiency, in terms of the revenue generated through bonusing, to support you to save and retarget existing bonus cost more effectively.

Bonus Abuse Investigations

We provide deep-dive investigations into suspected cases of bonus abuse, often identifying bespoke loopholes or game/platform vulnerabilities, to save the business from further abuse and financial loss.

Bonus Efficiency Reporting

Our team provides automated reporting around the bonus efficiency segmentation to enable you to understand customer’s bonus level and support you to develop a customer led bonus strategy.

Bonus Performance Analysis and Reporting

We analyse the performance of bonuses being offered to customers to understand which are driving the desired behaviours and where bonus cost is being wasted or abused.