Professional Services

Our team of industry professionals will support your business in an easy to understand and inclusive way.

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Compliance Consultancy

Bespoke consultancy services

Our team can support your AML and Compliance teams in a number of ways, be that formation, investigation, and audit through to strategy and multi-jurisdiction regulation advice.

We offer bespoke consultancy services which cover the entire regulatory field.

Responsible Gambling

We will drive your responsible gambling policies, procedures, and operations by critically evaluating what you are doing currently and recommending how to make it more effective.


We can evaluate your existing AML processes, risk assessments, and reporting structures so we can independently guide you on improvements. We support multi-jurisdictional processes and can offer advice across a wide range of regulations.


We understand all the key regulatory regimes and can advise on the implementation of regulatory requirements and the impact of changes on your business.

Assurance & Audit

We have over 25 years of Assurance & Audit experience. We will critically review your regulatory implementation and provide independent analysis for both boards and regulators. We can produce management focused gap analysis and process improvement reporting.

Industry Benchmarking

We can benchmark your processes, procedures, and activity-based thresholds against industry best practice. This will allow you to review the company risk profile and determine the optimal route for compliance implementation.

Investigation Support

We have supported companies across multiple jurisdictions to manage and respond to regulatory investigations. We specialise in offering advice around strategy and building action plans to mitigate regulatory failings.


We will build you a strategy that matches both your company risk profile and operational capabilities. We can review existing strategies to optimise them to the ever-changing regulatory landscape so that you can positively affect the regulatory headwinds.